Should I go for it or wait a little more?

Well a month and a half a go my boyfriend broke up with me and I was really heartbroken. A week ago I went to a party with some friends to basically have a good time and get drunk to get over him. At the middle of the party I was still a little drunk and I found out that one of the guys liked me. He asked for a hug and I went with it we started kissing and touching each other but it didn't come to sex whatsoever but the next morning it was still awkward so we had a chat about it I told him I wasn't ready for this and he told me officially that he loved me. And so we chatted a lot from day to day and I've just started to fall for him. Should I start dating him or wait until my feelings really grow?


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  • you're young, hell... go for it... explore. its not the time for you to be putting serious thought into these things...
    when its time, you'll know...
    from my personal experience though, relationships that start with people getting "handsy" usually tend not to last...
    date the guy if you want but keep your expectations to a minimum.


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  • If you're attracted to him, go for it.


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  • f*ck the love .


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