Is it a good idea to date a girl?

That has no high school diploma and two kids I myself graduated high school I'm 24 and just starting college now due to a lot of hardship but I'm on the right track now and I will attend summer semester

Thanks for opinions


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  • If you like her, date her. Simple.

    • Why do people think it would fall apart

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    • Is it a trap

    • Would I get stuck paying for these kids


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  • if you can literally just date her, for fun, nothing serious, then yeah go for it.

    but anything more, she ain't a good bet, cause you are SO not even in the position to raise her two kids with her lol.

    • Why not a serious relationship

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    • This is realistic she' doesn't smoke or party she's a occasional drinker and she has a very stable income

    • I just make sure I'm not trapped

  • yeah but knowing that you'll end up kicking her out of you life at some point

    • Why would I kick her out of my life

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    • But she has a job has a stable income she doesn't smoke or party she's a occasional drinker basically she's not wild

    • I just wanna make sure in not trapped