Dating Website and My Boyfriend

I was over at my boyfriends house the other day and we were on his computer. I wanted to pick on him so I typed p in the search to see what porn he... Show More

We've been dating over 2 1/2 years
It's official my boyfriend is a complete d-bag! Not only did he register for plentyoffish, but also and who knows what else...i am in complete shock right now...any advice to help would be great!
also dumping him is taken for granted!
i pulled an April fools joke -before I found everything out- about how I might be pregnant...think I should keep going with it to f*** with him some more?

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  • Relationships are all about trust in the first place - business, personal,'s all trust first.

    So the question is: do you want to trust this guy? if yes, then just do and get over this thing. If you have other things to make him trust less, then this could just be that little too much to take.

    One time, my girlfriend then and I were walking in a mall, and suddenly I heard a "Wow" slipped from her mouth - she saw this really handsome guy (I'm not the ugliest in the world, but this guy really was something :-p ). It struck me that at first I was taken aback from my own (jealous?) reaction, even though I knew it was meaningless, that one second of awkward feeling was there. What I'm trying to say is: there's ALWAYS better out there, as there is worse..if you really look hard, you'll always find something in anyone which you don't like, but in the end it is up to you which meaning you give to it. Is it a big deal? Not if you make it one. Honestly, if it would be a big deal, there would be other signs from him which are much more obivous. So yes, it's a bit immature for him to check who would like him on a dating site...ever heard of people googling themselves..? it's this kind of ("male") pride, all healthy men suffer from it. It's the "idea of" which makes us feel better of ourselves. I agree with you he shouldn't be lying so much about it - but yea it is quite embarrassing.. I wonder how many guys would openly admit they're watching porn even if their girl says she's open-minded about it (or vice versa!)

    Seeing at the length of your relationship, he's not the heartbreaker give him some slack please :-)

    • I openly tell every girlfriend of mine I watch porn. If they have a problem with it, either they must deal with it or move on. If they enjoy it and want to watch together that's extremely welcomed. If they don't mind me watching and don't want to watch, I will respect their opinion and won't make it an issue. But, what I won't do is change myself and what I enjoy for anyone, just to make them feel better about themselves. You wondered, I felt I had to mention it.

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    • If a girl can't accept that you watch porn then she has insecurities. and if you have to explain why you watch it, then obviously she doesn't understand guys very well...basically all men and a lot of women like to watch porn.There's nothing wrong with it unless of course you watch it 24/7.

    • Nice answer bro.Nice really nice.