Personality traits that guys hate in girls?

What things can't guys stand in girls? Eg my boyfriend said I'm too insecure and I get jealous easily. Do guys think those are big turn offs?
What are some other examples? Thanks!


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  • It can be if it's too much, like in a winy way and over every single person or every little detail. Especially if it's nothing to be insecure or jealous over.
    Other things, the need to talk about everything and every detail about it. I mean, don't get me wrong, I think it's one of the great things about most women but also can be annoying, especially if it's to do with your guy and what he's thinking/feeling. Yes, sometimes it's good you do this and guys generally don't share too much (it's just the way guys are, some think it's weakness and we are generally made to feel that it is if we do share feelings), but like, sometimes if we're having a bad day, we just need to relax in quiet and just "get over it". Talking about it doesn't help and is only keeping whatever it is fresh in our minds lol. Also regarding what we're thinking? We aren't always thinking something, sometimes we are just in the moment and not thinking anything, seriously. I think women's minds are way more active then a guys, you are always thinking things lol, not guys.


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  • Most people think that those are unattractive traits, not just men.


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  • I think some insecurity is good, too much is a turn off as it seems to create neediness is what he getting at and he feels smothered. Women that hate men is a turn off, racism, non animal lovers, hate kids, mean and nasty, dis respectful, tend t embarrass guys in public, bitter women that can't let go of the past, women that compare me to other guys, smokers, drunks, unhygienic women, arrogant women, avoidant women that play impossible to get, women that think I'm out of their league. Non vulnerable women those that think being a woman and having emotions or feelings is a turn off to a guy but it's what we like in her. Women that think they have to be one of the boys to attract a guy instead of being their selves.

  • Women that are misandrists are a total deal breaker.
    Sexist women.
    Racist women.
    Mean or nasty women.
    Bitter women.
    Women that smoke anything. I can't stand smoking.

    • What if I'm a bit of a misogynist? Not in a massive way but Eg I can't stand girls crying cos its like they're trying to attract attention and make people feel sorry for them etc. it's annoying. And I think it's unfair when society condemns men who hit girls but the other way around is taken in a more lighthearted way
      Is that a turn off too?

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    • @applefan1 totally agree with you

  • When they say "typical male" or "men" I hate those statements. And when they say all guys look gross in speedos. Argh that's not true! It's just the wrong ones wearing them lol

  • Insecurities
    Attention whores
    Big ego
    The oh i almost forgot but not


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  • I think insecurity may be a turn off.
    I mean deep insecurity where she won't even take a compliment without saying, "I know you're lying." or something alone those lines.