Would you be offended if your boyfriend asks you for small amounts money?

My boyfriend is great, but the only negative side is his bad money management. I don't mind paying for dates sometimes, but it gets on my nerves when he asks me to pay for his gas or ER visit -though he gives them back later. I guess it just makes me feel he is a man who can't depend on himself moneywise.

I know he is not using me because he loves me and takes care of me.

I haven't told him anything directly but I think I showed him my feelings thd last time he did it. I don't know how he took it.

Am I exaggerating?


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  • How long have u two dated?
    I have no prob. paying or tip on dates occatioanlly to show appreciation. However my ex hates it when I pay.
    However... When the relationship changed... He had no prob letting me pay...
    So just somthing to pay attention.
    Also I feel men should never ask women for money... Just me.

    • I don't mind paying for eating out or the like. It's just when a guy can't provide for himself for the basic needs from time to time it can't pass without a bad feeling from my side. I know he will give me the money back, but it just feels like he is my son- noy my boyfriend.

    • Agree... Somthing to think about if u r looking to settle... Family n kids... If you are not looking to have a family with him I guess see how things go.
      My ex would always pay me for gas n everything else.


What Guys Said 2

  • Help him manage his money better.
    Er visit? Those are fuckin expensive!

    • It's also that his work is not stable. He has a job but it gives low income; the extra work he does may or may not bring him good money.

    • Help him look for better work?

  • Ask for it back and all is good


What Girls Said 2

  • Act as if you're struggling with money at times. He'll get the clue.

  • We take turns paying for food if we're out somewhere. But he doesn't like ask for money just to have.