Could my boyfriend possibly be thinking of cheating on me?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 5 months now. We're seriously committed though, and both of us are in love.
Let me first point out I get upset easily when it comes to people I care about. So, when my boyfriend pointed out another girl's butt on FaceTime I got upset even though I tried not to show it. Basically he was watching Two and a Half Men and there was this one woman climbing over something and her butt was a bit big. Then my boyfriend says "Ooo butt" in a seductive way. I got upset but tried to shrug it off.
Also, this isn't just what upsets me. He has this one female friend he texts and he screenshot this one text that said "skype me you British f*ck 😘" "love you".
Then he sent me a pic of this girl from a movie with her mouth open... then typed "I can't stop thinking of her sucking something if you know what I mean 😂"
I do trust my boyfriend not to cheat on me with other girls, but not fully. He has a lot of female friends who he talks to a lot... which does upset me a small bit. But for some reason I can also see him cheating. Which also upsets me.. I don't know please tell me if I'm delusional or something.. or paranoid? Or could there be a chance of him cheating on me in the future if he doesn't now? Feel free to ask about the relationship if needed, thanks 😌
Also, yes I know it's in a man's nature to be attracted to more than one woman and be tempted to not stay monogamous...


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  • I can understand this. I can understand why you cannot trust your boyfriend completely and due to his actions, your fears and worries are absolutely justified.

    He might not cheating on you as of now but, his actions somewhat indicates that he might have an intention to cheat on you

    His actions are clearly disrespectful towards you.


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  • I think he's just being a male to be honest, they will look at anything sexual (much like females too) however maybe he should be more cautious about this, but the thing is you shrugg it off so he thinks its okay! If he's with you and is into you he's most likely not going to cheat, but he's only human and people do look and acknowledge when someone is attractive.


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  • You trust him not to cheat but not fully. In other words you don't trust him. Without that this relationship is doomed. If nothing else he's very insensitive and it's in bad taste

  • for sure.

    growing up, I've seen only like 10 percent of men being loyal sexually while 50 percent of women were emotionally.


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