How should I start a conversation with this new girl at work?

So I'm 20 and have two jobs, one is at a grocery store and I go to community college too. Anyway at my grocery store job, there's this new girl that is super cute. She's 18 and graduating high school in literally a month. I know this cause one of my co-workers said he goes to school with her but like he doesn't know her name or anything they just both are seniors. Anyway I would love to get to know her more. I went up and made a little joke when I bought something and she laughed and then that was it. But how can I talk to her more and get to know her without it being awkward? Thanks


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  • You did a good job making a good first impression so I praise you for that. If you didn't introduce yourself, then do so.
    My first day in a class (JROTC Drill) I have in the morning, there was a guy that introduced himself; got me comfortable, seeing if I had some intention for attending the class, and helped me out a bit when I didn't know something. Fell head over heels for him even if he was a year older than me, then a little while after, I was disappointed that he had a girlfriend. P. S. Don't give her the wrong idea that you might have a girlfriend but hint to her that you like her.
    So get on a good level with her, help her if she doesn't know something but do NOT go overboard with helping, if she doesn't know 1 thing, don't assume that she doesn't know everything else (she may have experience prior to the job).
    Be charming, do things that may catch her attention, and I say this is one of the most important things I have in mind for guys; BE YOURSELF. I personally don't like guys who are two whole different people. I prefer one guy and only his true self. I mean don't be too honest that may bring her day down, don't be acting like she is one of your guys friends, don't be mean, no insensitive comments, but show charming traits like being funny, happy, kind, caring, etc.
    Be her Prince Charming, something that is her ideal type of guy, be the man she wants to be with for the rest of her life (if you're really into her).

    But a heads-up, it is also a good idea to wait some time to see the kind of girl she is and if she is your ideal type before you jump to asking her out (which I can also help out with).

    Hope this helps!
    Best regards and good luck!

    Get 'em, Tiger!

  • Hello! Strike a conversation about how she's finding her new job.


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  • "Hey I don't know if we've met not, I'm mr anon whats your name? oh, nice name! did u just start how do you like it so far?"