Will he ever kiss me, hug me, or hold my hand?

Ok my boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 months and he hasn't even held my hand. We make physical contact, like I will mess up his hair. We have been on at least 5-6 dates so far and still nothing, is there anything i can do to get him to at least hug me or something? Please help.


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  • Well he is just taking things slowly, there are some people who do that and I think once he is sure and is comfortable around you he himself will do all that. However it's been already 5 months means he is indeed taking it very slow.

    If you want him to do those things, then may be you can give him some signals, like you hold his hand so that might give him a signal that he can hold your hand as well.


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  • Maybe he isn't the PDA type.

  • You're 13. This sounds right for your age. You don't need anything more physical

    • Yeah but he has actually brought this up to me but i think he wants me to make a move i just get so confused