Today I have to decide if I should friendzone him or if I will give him a chance. What should I do?

I'm 18 and never had a boyfriend because I didn't found the right boy yet. But since a few weeks I've been talling with a guy who likes me a lot, he's great but I honestly don't see him more than a friend. At the beginning I thought that as I would know him better something will change but not, it didn't. It's complicated because I refused a lot of guys and it wouldn't be nice to refuse another one. Another thing is that our friends are trying to push me to be with him and to be more lovely to him and things. It would be very very hard to me to tell them no. Another problem is that he's a good friend with the guy I still like a lot even if it passed a lot of time. I mean he's been the most important to me and I just can't get over him and it would suck to be loveable with that guy if I still have feelings for this one. I also rejected this one because I was scared, it was in a bad period of my life, I wasn't me that time and maybe he will have a bad impression of me if I will reject his friend, just like I did with him. I'm scared of what will happen after if I tell him no, I really want to be friends with him and to hang out, just nothing more... Today I have to tell him. Should I give him a chance? Is there a midway? Any advice would be great!


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  • "but I honestly don't see him more than a friend."
    Answered this one by yourself


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  • I've been in your situation - I dated this guy but didn't see it going anywhere. He really liked me and was pretty forward about it. And our friends would always organise double dates.. I ended up telling him that we were be better off as friends and he was pretty cut up about it, but I think we both felt better in the long run