DO GUYS ALWAYS HAVE TO CAHSE? Please help a man out?

I met this girl about 3 weeks ago (on tinder I know , getting of that shot) anyway I was in sydney at the time and didn't get to meet up , I had to fly back to melb , stared chatting to her through FB , got her number and other details, I really wanna catch up with this girl she's pretty smart , have the same interest , however we're both students atm I don't make much money but I wanna go back up to sydney to see if I can get anything happening. When I asked her out on a date she asked where I was based , she said yes if I went up. Although sometimes she gives short answers and I feel like I've gotta make the convo:( I've know some girls who were hesitant at the start , but grew.. I don't know what to do? Physically she's my type and have the same interest.. Just a distance thing. I'm Looking for a relationship not a fling. Do you reckon take the pedal of for a bit.. Give her a call? (Never called her before ) the way I see dating is what's the point of just a fling? I want to date to have a great partner.DO GUYS ALWAYS HAVE TO CAHSE ?? Please help a man out?


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  • Im confused by the question. What's CAHSE and how are the pictures relevant?


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