How to find passions, talents and hobbies?


I am 23(My tag is wrong), growing up I was never put into any sports, clubs, activities and that might be the reason I am like this today.

I feel as if I have no passions, talents and hobbies... I try to think on any and I come up blank...

I don't have anything, not one, not good at music, sports, mma, anything... :(

How can I find what passions talents and hobbies are for me?

How did you find yours?

Another problem is I work full time, and I find it difficult to try new things outside of work.


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  • i have diverse hobbies and found them because i naturally gravitated towards them ex: empty notebooks, they just made me so excited to fill them up with sentences. that's how i figured out that i liked writing journals. just reflect on yourself and things you gravitate to.
    try things and keep an open mind


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  • you find it by going out there and getting a taste of everything... even the things you think you may not like. You need to trial everything that you can until you land on something that you actually fancy. That's really how it works


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  • You just have to try stuff. I actually need to find some myself, but I can't afford any classes or lessons at the moment.

    Start with what you enjoy. Me personally, I'd go for dance lessons because that's what I'm most interested in. You can start with some sort of classes if you want, or you could even start with just going to the bookstore and reading up on something you enjoy. Don't put any pressure on it; just start exploring until you find your fit. Good luck!

    • But I'm just not interested in anything :-(

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  • If you think it is weird now than to find it randomly to inspire you.