Do I have a chance?

So I met this guy a few months ago, who I immediately fell for. We ended up in the same group of friends, and often meet at parties with this group. We only flirted at all the parties, never more. But 4 weeks ago one of his friends told me that I should just go after him (the guy I like). And then - 3 weeks ago - I asked him (late at night when we were both drunk) if it was just his friends idea that we should have something or..
I told me: "I really think your sweet, but I'm not sure we should be together"
Then we started talking about what we wanted in life and what we liked to do in our spare time and all such things (and bonded over hating people - I know that's a bit weird).
Ever since I don't feel like he stopped flirting with me. I mean, we've only seen each other 2 times since that night, but he still looks at me as he did before (with affection in his eyes), laughs at my non-funny jokes, sneaks peaks of me, and gets a little excited when we agree on something. You know, things like that.

Could he have changed his mind about the "we shouldn't be together"-part? Do I still have a chance with him?

(after he told me that he wasn't sure we should have something, I apologized for maybe being a bit of a bitch at times (a bit over a month ago, I began losing my patience and started getting irritated with him when I thought he obviously had a chance to make a move and he didn't do anything) - I don't know if, maybe, the fact that I acted like that was why he thought "we shouldn't be together")


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  • Well the flirting must be just him being nice to you and entertaining your company. He has basically said he is not interested. I would respect that and forget him.


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  • Don't pursue him. He has told you how he feels, so listen. Just because you two are flirting together and hanging out doesn't mean much. He can do that with anyone and so can you. If he really wants to be with you, let him tell you and definitely show you. In the meantime, focus on yourself. Get your mind off of it.


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  • Doesn't seem like you do unless you want to be the primary pursuer and chase him. Seeing as you only get together sparingly and he doesn't try to contact you to be with you beyond a group setting chances are slim.

  • No way of finding out without taking risk that's life.

    • I agree - flirting & complements are the spice of life, no need to quit them. Some are dormant seeds that could bloom into romance but under the ideal conditions... that he doesn't yet feel, someday with your constant presence about, they might!
      Flirting is more common & innocent than we know - certainly royalty & high society kiss hello on the cheeks & even lips..

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