I like my best friend?

So I have a crush on my best friend. He's always been there and I rejected him when we first met (about a year ago) and now I realize I like him. 2 months ago he said that he still liked me and would date me if I were into him but he knew I wasn't bc I was talking to another guy. This past month tho, I suddenly developed feelings for him and I'm so upset. He is totally head over heels for another girl... It kinda hurts when he asks for advice. But I know I've hurt him and he was still there for me. So it's my turn to be there for him. I don't know what kind of advice I'm asking for. maybe an easy way to get over him?


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  • If he really was that into you, he probably is. I'm normally advicing people to get over themselves, but I know that guys like this are usually worth the try. Tell him how you feel, you never know what may happen.


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  • There is no point in you liking him, when he liked you, that time your interest was in some other guy so he understood that and he moved on.

    It's fine, just try to forget about him.

    • i would advise her to still tell him that she has feelings for him now, but I will also tell her to prepare for rejection

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