How can I get a date when girls think I'm ugly?

I have a genetic disorder that makes me tall and really thin, I don't gain weight or muscle anymore no matter what I eat or do so my body looks more like a really tall 13 year old than 30 (only with body and facial hair). I know girls that see me judge me by my looks and pick up I look different to them in an unhealthy way, and with online dating I'm overlooked. I'm clueless what to do as growing up even having a good personality and positive traits were overshadowed by my looks always by girls. I've been single my whole life! 😞



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  • Stop putting yourself down. Is being tall and thin such a bad thing? A lot of women ( myself included) love tall men. You maybe need to start accepting yourself and your height and get on with living your life. Go out and socialise with friends and have fun. There is someone for everyone out there I honestly believe that.

    • If I had friends, I don't have them either, so when I go out and try to socialize I'm the creepy tall loner guy.

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    • I actually tried joining a painting class and was the only guy with all women. I tried talking but nobody opened up to me. I was alone so that reaction happens often

    • You come over as a lovely guy all you can do is carry on being yourself and try and live life to its fullest, you'll meet someone when you least expect it. X

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  • I don't know. Girls are really shallow, more so than men but if you start earning a lot of money then you'll be fine. When it comes to being rich, they don't care much about looks. My answer may not be politically correct but it's the truth.

    • For now it's not a help and basically saying it's hopeless for me

    • How tall are you though? Girls actually really love tall guys. If you were average height or short with being think then that would have been impossible. Looking 13 is not good but being tall is a huge plus for girls.

    • 6'3" but only 125 pounds


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  • What's your height and weight?

    • 6'3" 125 pounds

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    • If a Doctor can't help, then I doubt anyone on this site can. Your best bet is keep seeing better doctors.

    • I want dating advice from here

  • Yes your story is proof that women only are interested in looks the hypocrites. This is why you should not respect women. I have a thyroid problem that means I'm skinny and have excessive hair and I tend to rape women who don't find me attractive.

    • You rape women? It's not your skinniness or excess body hair that's creepy, it's your disgusting attitude to women!

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    • I actually think you're lying anyway. I think you're a frustrated virgin who has body issues who has never ever had a girlfriend so you're on here trolling looking for a reaction. :-)

    • Ok I'm not crazy! Why would you post you rape women?