Guys, How can I not be boring at texting? is it okay that I didn't hear from him for 2 days because he was working?

He doesn't like texting anyway but when he does text me I'll reply and I feel that it bores him so he won't reply until the next day.

He asked me how my day was and I told him and asked about his - so standard and boring... Or am I looking to much into this? I don't want every text I send him to be provocative or is that the only way I'll get a response?

Part 2. he works 7 days a week and last week we saw each other 4/7 days left his Saturday, texting him hoping he was having a good day Sunday (no rely) then Monday told him I wanted to pamper him so he could recover from working (he replied this morning (Tuesday)) saying he was keen for the idea.
But is it okay that I didn't hear from him for these 2 days? He was working strange hours and I was busy off with friends.


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  • Guys aren't into texting as much as girls. Sometimes when I've been working hard and one of my good girl friends messages late at night I wait until the morning to reply. I'm tired and I don't feel like getting into a big texting session. Nothing against her.

    • But I'm dating this guy, shouldn't he text me everyday?

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    • Maybe he's a bit too absorbed into his work. He should at least try and have one day off to spend with you

    • Thanks for MHG


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  • Basically talk about his hobbies, career, and what he like, talk about your hobbies, what you like, what you did and also talk about the stuff that makes both you laugh. Don't talk about sad stuff, or how rough your day was, how another guy did this and he's sweet and he did that, don't talk about... JUST TALK ABOUT ANYTHING YOU WOULD REDEEM INTERESTING.

    • I do do that :( maybe my texts are too long and he prefers short ones

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    • How often should I hear from him? He legit doesn't have any off days - we see each other when we both can which is usually a night during the week. We'll go to dinner or movies or stay in and I'll stay the night

    • Then that's good enough, too much time with him won't give you enough time to talk about your week. Cause you spent it with him. Daily texts good night and good morning should be okay. Get small talk going. Then he's off to work. Then get home he'd text gnight and more small talk. Unless he's tired gotta excuse him. Then weekend, see him. Stuff like tha.