Girls, Ladies... Is it wrong for me to stop talking to him cold turkey?

I was talking to a guy for quite some time. He was very attentive, sweet, kind... blah blah blah you know those say what you wanna hear" types. When I asked him what he was looking for he had said something serious but he wants to go slow. I agreed that that was where I was at as well. He knew what I looked like because we were on each others whatsapp and I occasionally changed my dp pic. Inwhich he would say I was beautiful, gorgeous whatever. We were both busy people and he always said when his company has him working close to me wecould do lunch. He actually planned three days in a row to gettogether but cancelled thefirst two. Fine... we met on the Wednesday and it seemed like things went well. I got a kiss at the end and he asked if he could see me again? I said yes.

Things seemed fine... until twodays later in conversation he blurts out he doesn't know what he wants right now. It was just lunch... and he already is axing everything after two days of talking great and everything... he startedto take longer to respond... totally stopped with any nickname or compliment he ever had for me. I started to feel really hideous because eveything wasfine until we met and then he went weird. Then the nextday he tells methat hedoesnt want to lead me on... that he is luckyto know someone like me, im so kind and maybe we can go for lunch next weekend.

What I dont understand is why does he keep messaging me? He calls on his lunch break, or text when he is traveling home. He remembers my schedule and would try to message/ call me after my shift ends. It hurts because he is not even communicating as a friend... I feel dumb for entertaining his little conversations. It just makes me mad that I was the one who was there for him in his dark times, his happy times, motivated him... looked out for him... the one that answred his damn calls. Let him cry to me... and then he just leaves me there and even on a friend level can't even uphold that anymore.


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  • I would message him your frustrations and then stop responding to him. He needs to know why you don't want anything to do with him anymore, and that he doesn't deserve any of your time going forward.

    1) Message him your feelings
    2) Stop any/all communication after that. Block his cell, block his email and block him on social media.

    He needs to realize that his behavior is not acceptable.

  • No, I wouldn't just stop talking to him now. I just got ghosted on and it sucks! Even though he is acting weird that is still a shitty thing to do in any circumstance!!! Anyways, it is weird. I think maybe he got scared because he told you he wants something serious so now those are the expectations and maybe he already feels pressure to know whether he sees himself in a serious relationship with you or not. I find with online dating that until you meet someone in person you never really know. So much has to do with how you hold yourself, act in person, converse, etc. So, now that he's actually met you and said he wants something serious he is really trying to decide if he does want something serious with YOU. I think the important thing to do, and what he is doing is taking it slow like he said originally. Maybe remind him that your intentions are to take it really slow to take the pressure off. He is still communicating because he is still figuring it all out.

  • only if you want.