Does she like me or not?

When I met this girl we and I asked for her number we used to talk all the time. But she said she didn't like any one and she was too busy for a boyfriend cause of school. But things happened and we don't talk like that anymore. But her friend told me she wanted me if I changed. And I can't smoke or drink any more. She says she don't like me and that she don't care what I do. I asked her friend again recently what's going on between us she said she can't say. But if she don't like me or care what I do then why can't I do what I want? She always corrects me when I'm wrong or questions me if she thinks I just smoked or questions me if I get into fights. What's going on? I am confused. I just can't get her to talk on the phone much like we used to and that's what worries me.


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  • You shouldn't ask her friend. You should ask her instead.


What Guys Said 1

  • Dude let's say she says YEAH I LOVE YOU
    If you're a dude with options, wich you should be AND she'd like you to be one (think about that), then she would assume you'd lost interest with her in no time because what's the point? She already threw herself at you so there's a fucking good chance that you'd value her much less than if she made you work to get her (think about that as well).
    Sure she wants you to stop burning your brain cells but she'll never tell you "if you so this then I'm yours" NEVER
    So play the game and enjoy