Was he never honest? Why would he have done this damage to me?

Hey guys,
well i've been dating a guy for 4 weeks. The first date went very promising..
He talked about liking me, wanting to continue to date me and that he could see himself beside me.. 2 weeks afterwards his words didn't even backed up his actions anymore, he found excueses not to see me and even ignored me for days in a row. Then last weekend we actually wanted to meet again but 3 days before the date he stopped replying, on Friday he suddenly blocked me and I've never heared from him again. What made this shit between the beginning of dating and now in his fucking head? I'm really clueless.. I hope you'll have some explination on why he might have changed his mind and didn't even have the guts to tell me in my face... :(


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  • He's a pussy and he decided you weren't for him

    • wjhat is psusyss

    • haha yes pussy is the right expression for him. such a coward asshole

    • like i wasn't worth honesty

  • He thought he liked you but then realized he didn't like you as much as he thought. Instead of saying what I just told you, he decided it was a better idea to just ignore you


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  • I've had a few dates with guys that ended up in them losing interest and eventually not talking to me. I've learnt that they probably didn't feel that strong of a connection that they might have initially thought they did. They also could have only been trying to be nice by giving you false hope indirectly. Remember, just cause someone goes out on a date with you, doesn't mean they have any obligation to carry on if they didn't feel that sparks. I agree, that it's not OK to give false hope but at least now you know where you stand. The reality is that if he truly liked you, he wouldn't have done that. I had to face that reality many times. When the right guy comes along, you'll realize why it didn't work out with this guy.

    • Thank you!!! This was basically just what i needed to hear and realize.. :)

    • I'm better off without such a kind of guy anyway

    • You really are! As a rule of thumb, if dating a guy seems like work or a hassle and you never know where you stand then he probably isn't the guy for you. Love and all that should be easy and not complicated. If it is, then it's the universe's way of saying "watch out!"