What should a man do in such situation?

So say you invited a girl out to an event with you. She thinks of you as a friend but you're strongly interested in her. Anyways, you guys end up going to a business event and she gets hit on by a guy you're trying to built social connections with. This guy thinks you guys are together but continues to hit on the girl in front of you and your peers. He's been drinking so he's rather bold about it. How would you feel? And how would you respond to the situation?

Do you think ignoring it to built a network is acceptable when he disrespected you by hitting on the girl he thinKS is yours?

Girls, how would you feel if the guy you're with ignores it and allows the other guy to make you feel uncomfortable within the social setting?


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  • If he is drunk and doing this he's intentionally showing his power over you. It's a power play, and you have four ways to handle it,
    1 ignore it, this confirms your weak position and you have probably lost any chance of actually doing business with him anyway.
    2 get mad, get in his face, and, well, that kills the chance as well
    3 turn it into a joke, laugh about it, and make him feel how ridiculous he's being and get the upper hand in the situation that way
    4 just point out the game as it's being played, "what you think that by hitting on _____ you get the upper hand here? Guess what we're not dating, and I wish you luck."

    Either of the second two will end the game, and you walk away as the "winner"

    • That's actually very interesting so he wasn't genuinely interested in the woman, he was trying to judge the other man's worth.

      Should a woman hold it against a man if he seemed to let such behavior slide?

    • I would. But that's me.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • If they are interested in the girl, they would probably feel terrible. As to how they would react, it depends on each guy's personality.


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  • I've been in that situation. I've excuse me and my lady friend and had a chat with her about it. "Do you want me to stop it est..." Happened a hand full of times we weren't dating but even she knew that showing up together showed some sort of "connection" if not be disrespectful to accept his advances. Or do what I've done before and just got up and left since she was flirting back. She got up and chased after me crying not to leave her.
    This situations are awkward specially since no boundaries physically or emotionally are a president before the event.

  • this is a situation where most guys find themselves into and it's a shit one
    the truth is if in the first place I was interest to her I would've voiced that feeling LONG ago so that I remedy all those weak male situations

  • the guy would be dead to me xD

  • Since you are not together, she can accept his invite.
    However, I would not work with him.
    If he thought you were dating, and did that, he's a person I would not get into business with.


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