Decoding a Man's Behavior?

Short story is almost 2 months ago I called it quits with a guy who I have been hot and cold with for the last couple of years. We see each other 2-4 times a week at the gym (lucky me). I reached out to him a week ago asking if he would like to hang out this past Friday. I had liquid courage and not a proud moment. Anyway, I regretted doing that after the fact given we hadn't spoke in months when we see each other often. I left it thinking no big deal, he doesn't care so whatever. Last night he walks up to me and asked what happened to me Friday night to which I told him the truth and why I shouldn't have sent the message. He reassured me I can send him a message without liquid courage, gave me a hard time for it and started walking away. I thought he was leaving, but he turned around and asked if he could get a hug. I said yes and he gave me a hug with his hand on my lower back almost in a flirty way. Anyway, this is the only guy ever I don't feel like my confident self around. I feel like I am normally a good judge of behavior, but I don't know if that was a friendly type of behavior from him or a "I still like you" type of thing. Yes, I'm that stupid girl hung up on one guy for way too long, but it's very complicated. Any advice welcomed!


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  • in my opinion he is still open to seeing you, keep in mind that YOU were the one who was pulling away interest and ending things. YOU are the complicated factor, not him.

    What is about this guy that makes u so indecisive about wanting him?

    • I think our age difference, him being 8 years my senior and our different upbringings, past relationships and a lot of bad timing throughout the last few years has made it almost impossible for us to be fully open with each other. Don't get me wrong, we have some good communication but it's to a point. All I know is I love the guy and somehow the connection I have with him though it's weak sometimes, is different than any other connection I have had. That is the reason why I keep allowing him to come back and that's why I keep going back.

    • All the above is from the past, this guy can be your match! I say give things a try, there is a reason why you two keep magnetizing to each other.

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  • That guy sounds quite indecisive. He sounds like he is unsure of his own feelings.