Boyfriend keeps asking me to do squats?

I'm overweight but in diet and I work out when I get time, I was 102kg.. Now I'm 71-70 kg
My boyfriend said he likes someone's legs (classmate), and he is asking me to do squats recently.. We will meet this Saturday but I know I'll feel so uncomfortable with him that day.
I feel insecure!


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  • Ah! That's the worse move a guy can make.
    Say, I like ___ and you start doing ___.
    Does he have a death wish?
    I mean he could have recommended squats without saying how much he liked another woman's body part.
    I'd feel slightly insulted but wouldn't make a big deal out of it,
    I'd casually mention to him how that hurt my feelings.
    He could have went about it differently.
    He has to put more thought into what he says, and how it makes others feel.


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  • Wow, sorry but that guy sounds like a bit of a twat


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  • .. your boyfriend is being a complete ass. Tell him that you'd appreciate if he toned down the critique, and that if he feels the need to make you feel bad about yourself because he finds another girl really hot, then he can help himself or pipe down.

  • don't feel yourself insicure... if you feel so when with him... then change him!!
    you have to be in fit, first of all for yourself... I was fat too.. a bit less than you.. 100.. and now I'm 70 too... I even suffered from bladder leakage due to the wetight... and now the things are going a lot better... but never feel yourself bad because of a guy

  • You shouldn't have to change yourself for him. If you're happy with the way you look, then tell him that.