Any tips on how to keep a conversation going with women?

So I'm in the situation of not being able to keep a conversation going with women. I'm a college sophomore, and I have tried to make conversation with the women in my classes and around campus, but most of the time they just end after the first few responses. I can have a okay conversation with a girl, but the next time I see her in class she doesn't acknowledge me at all. I find that very odd. Call me old fashioned, but i say hello to any acquaintances in a class.

But back on subject, any ideas on what i can do to improve conversations I have with women?


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  • If its someone you're into just ask her questions nothing too personal at first. I have always liked when a guy asks me different questions. Anything from favorite foods to lifetime goals but thats just me. It shows you're interested in them and what they think and have to say.

    • Ask questions that personal in the first conversation?

    • Well it doesn't have to be the first convo if its going really well though then why not? I normally ask about favorites first then move on to birthday, what they do for work etc. If it goes well then if you feel comfortable enough to ask more personal then go ahead. It varies by person.

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  • Here is what works best for me:
    Get her talking about herself. Don't just sit there and listen passively. Engage her, ask follow up questions, and reply in a way that makes her laugh.
    Here's a short example of the conversation I had with my last girlfriend before asking her out.
    Me: Is that a swim team sticker on your folder?
    Her: Yeah, I did swim in high school.
    Me: Oh awesome, I tried it once... didn't work out.
    Her: Why?
    Me: I realized that I'd rather just float around... you tend to sink if you forget you're in a pool.
    Her: -laughs- So you're not into any water sports?
    Me: I am. I scuba dive. But, my wetsuits are always loose... I think I need to do some squats.

    We kept this going for a good hour. She would ask questions, I would reply in a way that would make her laugh, and she would talk about herself even more.


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  • Ask questions, be interested in her, find thing you have in common and talk about/do those things


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  • Literally every human being likes talking about themselves, learn more about her, where she from, what she's into, goals, hobbies, etc etc. Find connections and things you can do together and ask her out next weekend, bam!!!

  • Just be crazy really, makes you memorable and interesting, lol