Why did he block me?

I was basically talking to this guy for months. I stopped once I found out he was speaking to someone else. He tried to justify what he did with excuses saying that he really liked me and so on but I didn't buy them. I unfriended and unfollowed him on social media. I hadn't spoken to him in a month when I realized he had blocked me on fb and instagram. He also blocked me recently. Why is he acting this way? I've left him alone.. Besides our pages were both private so what would even be the point of blocking? To top it all off he is now flaunting this new girl on twitter when he knows I could see it. I don't have twitter but my friends tell me. What is his problem?


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  • Some people like to have the last say... i'd say he did you a favor. don't forget though, you were the one who started it, he just wanted to finish it... like i said, have the "last say"..

  • you must be very... blockable... .


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