Calling ALL baby daddy's! Guys?

we have a baby together. She is 3mths. He was seeing a girl almost my entire pregnancy, he broke up with her because of too much drama with her kids dad. Things were good between us it was like we were dating but like 100% better than when we actually were. He recently told me he was going back to that girl. I accepted it, set new boundaries and told him how it was going to be. But my thing is he keeps texting me about personal stuff, snapping me, liking my photos and he'll see a pic of baby and me and be like I miss her. I just find it funny that he is now dating this girl but whose car does he ask to borrow or watch his pets, me. I tell him no, but it literally makes no sense! Any baby daddy's do this?


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  • It doesn't mean he is still into you. It simply means that he feels some sort of closure with you because you are the mother of his child.