Going to US in a month and half from now for 15 days. Should I tell my ex chat buddy who is already dating? What are chance of meeting a guy ther?

I'm Asian woman.. not running after a white man but heyy. I'm comming... and would like to have a good time and meet shy and introvert guy..


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  • First off, the US is HUGE! Are you even going to be in the same state, let alone same town/city?

    • I don't know where yet... it will be business trip and the company will decide... may be California , Texas.. can't say for sure right now.. how do I approach guy I'm interested there?

    • It really depends on what your intent is. From my experiences in China I feel that American men are going to very different from what you may be used to.

What Girls Said 1

  • No, he is already dating someone else. You shouldn't bother with him.
    If you want to meet someone else, do so through acquaintances/friends.