What do girls think of a casual date?

I've went out with this girl three times in the past couple months and each time it's been something that I have planned out.

This week, I want to go out again and I was wondering if girls value a smaller scale date where it's just us two like dinner, watch a movie at home, etc...

Girls what hat is your opinion on smaller scale dates vs elaborate ones? And what are some smaller scale date ideas besides the two I have mentioned?


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  • I like both! Sometimes you just need a nice night in. Picnics work, walk/bike in the park something cute and fun like a paint nite would work too

  • Just like anything else in life i obviously want a combination or mixture of things or else I'd get sick of it

    I think the ratio should be more like 1:4
    Where have casual dates are more common than elaborate ones.

    Other dates would be to go to a sports game, go hiking, obviously food, study date, group dates (my favorite)

  • Both are fine... try small dates then something different or ask her if she's up for something you have planned that is different from other times... lay out options for her too. But sounds like you have it all planned out

    • What are some good casual dates?

    • Coffee, ice cream, then walk around museum/shops/beach... etc.

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