Why has he been acting distant? Paranoia or reasonable doubt?

Ok so I am seeing this guy and thought it was going really really well.
We met on tinder ( yes, taboo I know) but after talking to him i really know he isn't the fuck boy type at all/ He's still a virgin even.
Anyway we got to talk and have so much in common. We are going to uni in the same city next year, same interests and similarities basically everything, we finish each others sentences and we just get along so well. He even said how we are the same, how he really likes me, how I blew him away etc. etc.
The first date was perfect and there was no awkwardness at all only for like one minute and it was totally cute, fun, romantic and engaging. Conversation just flew so easy and i felt confident around him and so did he. The next day after the date he text me in the morning asking when I was next free and just being really cute and flirty. He said he wanted to see me soon and couldn't wait a whole week, so we hung out a few days after and planned to hang out the Saturday also

The second date went pretty well but he just seemed less talkative especially near the end. It was still really good, but there was a noticeable difference.
The next day i didn't have that morning message and i decided to let things calm down a bit. I was never needy or clingy. I text him around 6 that night and didn't get a response till a few hours later where he apologized and sent hearts saying he was busy etc. after date #2 texts started become less frequent and more brief opposed to deep convos. he hasn't deleted tinder either ( i did for other reasons). We asked what we are and he said after a few dates he would consider me as a girlfriend

Honoring prior commitment Saturday we had our third date and i would say that it went pretty well. Neither of the dates had that first date magic but he kept smiling and having strong eye contact with me, we had periods of insightful convo and other periods of just cuddling. We haven't seen each other a week from Saturday, as he said he's gonna be really busy with school and work since exams are coming up. He hasn't answered my last text but is on social media? is he intentionally ignoring me?
*last Saturday


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  • :'( this was cute at the beginning and got sad so fast. I'll help u as best I can. First step be real with him, it's not clingy to just send ya ground and call him out on his change of attitude. Ask hey is everything ok cause you've been so distant recently, I thought we hit it off but lately I can't read the mood. And if he's a stand up guy he'll say what's on his mind. But if he's the type to avoid the question when u clearly know something. Only u would know what to do at that point. Just listen to your head and your heart.

  • Why is a 17 year old on Tinder?


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  • If a guy is acting differently and distant, 9 times outta 10 its because of another woman. You think you're the only girl he met off tinder? Just because he doesn't seem like a fuckboy doesn't mean he doesn't have other options. He is more than likely keeping his options open just like you should be. dont be sitting around waiting for his calls because if he hasn't bothered to see you in a week, and hasn't talked to you yet finds the time to get on social media- thats shows he has already lost interest and met someone else