Guys, Intelligent vs. Beauty?

I am a girl who's not the most beautiful. However, I have confidence in my intelligence. Would I still be attractive? Do I have a chance?


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  • Yes, you would still be attractive. However there will be guys who would want both ( intelligence and beauty) so those type of guys you would be less attractive.

    However the term attractiveness itself is subjective, you never know which guy will find you attractive.

    • Thank you. Since it wouldn't be easy to completely change my outer beauty, I'll try my best to develop my inner beauty and hope for the best!

    • Yes, that's a very healthy thinking on your part, and this thinking of yours itself is an "attractive quality".

      You're right, physical looks/beauty is in the genetics, yes it's possible to upgrade your looks to some extent provided you are willing to take the effort. However youthful beauty will eventually fade with time, as you grow older but your inner personality ( inner beauty) will never fade away, your inner personality is the one that truly defines you and that will radiate.

      it's a healthy attitude you have. Keep it up, young lady!


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  • You ask whether you are attractive and you don't show us a picture. How meaningful will our responses be?

    • If you look up the word attractive in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, one of the definitions are "having a feature or quality that people like." So, I think you misunderstood my question. To say it in another way, if I am intelligent but not that pretty, do I still have a chance?

    • Actually, I graduated with honors from professional school and I consistently score in the 99th %-ile on vocabulary tests. I understood your question.

      Perhaps you did not understand my reply. Almost all men factor physical appearance into attraction. A plain looking girl can be attractive if she is very intelligent. In fact, most people would probably describe my current girlfriend as plain but extremely intelligent. I think she is cute. But the same girl with repulsive features would not be attractive. So. . . how meaning meaningful will my response be if I can include all the relevant factors. All I can say for sure is that your intelligence might make you attractive, depending on your physical appearance.

    • Congratulations on your achievements. Thank you for thoroughly explaining your opinion. Of course, I was offended from your first reply. I think it's very obvious why I didn't post a picture. However, I still need to thank you for spending your time replying to my question. Have a nice day.

  • Beauty all the way I can teach her how to be smart with a lot of hard work she will get there

    • Thank you for replying. I know I have asked you for your opinion, but I have to disagree. KNOWLEDGE is acquired, but INTELLIGENCE is not. I would also like to question your teaching abilities.

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    • I really don't want to be mean, but I will just say this honestly. It's not my problem. Don't you have better things to do?

    • That does not make any sence your the one that keeps asking me stuff that's why I am coming back in here. Ask yourself that. Ok I am out

  • gonna be 29. ten years ago i was 70/30 in favor of looks. now im 40/60 pretty girls are great, dont get me wrong. but a girl who can talk sports and workout with me and talk weird conspiracy theories with me is WAAY hotter.

    • Thank you for replying!

  • yes because I do not judge by the cover. I look into deeper.

    • That's a very interesting thought.

  • nope sorry u gotta be beautiful like this>

    • Haha. OK. She's very beautiful. Good luck dating her!

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