I met a guy on tinder and we talked for 2 weeks and decided to meet and then bailed an hour before?

So we met on tinder and we talked for 2 weeks straight. We always had good conversations and he was really nice and really seemed interested to meet. He lives in the same city i live in but goes to work in another city for 10 days straight. He had 4 days off so we planned to meet. It was an hour before we were to meet and we had just talked like an hour before that talking and he even asked if i needed a ride. But right before i left my house he texted and said he couldn't make it. I had no idea what went wrong or if i did something. So i texted back if something was wrong and he texted the next morning that he ate a bad burger for lunch and got sick but that now he felt better. Then i messaged that i am glad that he felt better today. That is when he stopped texting me altogether and it has been a week. I texted him during the week to ask him how he was doing but no reply. Did he get cold feet? Do you think that he Was just playing around? I don't know what i did wrong and i don't want to message him again and be clingy weird person but at the same time i want to know what happened because things were going so well.

Can some please help me figure it out?


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  • Maybe he wasn't who he said he is (looks or otherwise)

  • Ha ha he used everywhere for tinder and played a game with you lol. I am in India and use mock locations to get matches from the states and ask them to meet me in some random place nearby I find on Google maps it's hilarious since they fall for it xD