Would you give up on the person you loved?

My ex broke up with me 3 months ago over a miscommunication issue. Since then, he claims he has no feelings, but gets upset (sad) whenever we try to talk things out, frustrated, or he'll avoid talking. He stares at me almost constantly and gets jealous when I'm around any guy. I can tell there is feeling there, it's just very hard for him to express emotion outright. Even before we dated one day he claimed we should just be friends and by the end of that week we were a couple. We've had spats since the breakup and he's said things to hurt me but always felt awful and apologized. If he still feels this way, should I give up, if I still love him? How can I get him to talk to me?


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  • If you truly love someone you don't give up until your convinced that there is no hope. However, just loving a person is not always enough. I tried everything I could to keep my marriage together. but one persons love is not enough.
    on the flip side, I was with a woman for 8 months last year. I tried as hard as I could to make it work. I do love her. But she was not ready for a relationship (her husband died 3 years ago). I got tired of being a distant 2nd to a dead man and ended it. she then realized how much she loved me... yada... yada... I just told her it was too late and I was done being so unhappy. I dated another person for a couple of months. then she saw my profile online and started in again. She wore me down and, even though I told her it would be a mistake, I agreed to try again. she claimed she changed, I knew it was doubtful. but I also knew I would know right away if it was the same stuff. After 1 week I saw it was the same crap. We also didn't work for many other reasons. If we were just watching TV or doing a specific thing, it was great. The sex was also really great. But anytime we started talking about life, things fell apart. I just would end up frustrated and upset.
    I finally ended it for good.


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  • May be he has seen some one else. I won't give up on someone I love easily. But be patient with him, some guys act this way to test your love, so be patient too.

  • has he made an effort to improve?

  • Miscomunication issue...

    What did you say or do.

    • Very long story, but making it as short as I can: for his birthday, he wanted us to lose our virginities to each other. We'd been trying to find time for this for a while, but my family is hard to get around. The weekend before his birthday he kept asking me to come over, and my family wouldn't allow it. He got very frustrated and that Monday morning at school (the day before his birthday) he broke up with me. It sounds awful, but I understand. He's been hurt so many times he thought I was going to keep turning him down. He keeps saying that sex isn't the reason, but he never gave me another (that didn't sound like a complete lie) and the timing and events line up completely

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    • You're right, but I have this really odd gut feeling that this isn't over and I don't know why

    • It isn't over if you let him lead u.

      You clearly like him a lot, thats why you wanna do it with him.

      Now since you couldnt do it that day, he broke up with you.

      Again, dump the loser and move on

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  • Give up. He is going to mature without learning that poor treatment gets him less attention.