Is coffee a date?

I have this guy that I became friends with 2 months ago, we've gotten close quite fast. I like him, and I'm 90% sure he feels something for me, whatever that may be. I think he broke up with some girl he was dating due to his feelings. Anyway they broke up a week ago and since his focus is 100% on me. Yesterday he said maybe we could grab a cup of coffee or something as a study break for coffee (in the future not for that day) and then tonight he mentioned he was out to dinner alone, but I was in lecture and he asked when I'd be out as he was going to grab coffee after. Up to this point there have been a lot of little build ups as in him saying he cares what I think, and little comments like that but I'm not sure what to think.
Is he prepping me with an ambiguous coffee to build to asking me out on a date. Is coffee a date?


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  • Ask him if it's a date. Just be up front about it. No confusion. Way better than going in with one of you thinking it is a date while the other thinks it's just friends grabbing coffee.

    • I'm too much of a wuss to ask him now haha, but yeah since we are pretty good friends, despite our weird relationship, I'm just gonna see what happens I guess (:

    • Do it!

      All you have to do is be brave for like 5 second and ask and then you can go back to being meek. Plus if he says yes then it'll add a little romantic atmosphere to the date.

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  • in my history thats more like a get togather

    • Yeah typically that's how I'd see it, but we have hung out in group settings, and one on one a number of times already. This is the first time he's brought it up like just us and him asking me, if that makes sense.


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  • I don't see coffee as a date, It's like get to know each other better. And sometime later it may lead to date. And he's not asking you on a date. Sounds like he just needs to talk with you.

    • Yeah I wondered that, but he initiates talking to me everyday. We already know a lot about each other as we have spent a lot of time together working on projects/6 hour car ride, etc.. I see coffee as an introductory get to know each other too but we are waaaaaay past that point which is why I was a wondering.

    • So he loves spending time with you then.

  • Yes, coffee is a date. It's a very safe first date that most guys suggest to each other as a good first date.


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