I don't know what to think?

I met this girl at work. I dropped my guard, I really wanted to know her. We finally talked she said she liked me too. We went out for a month, but at the end of the month, she said she had family issues that had her attention first. Which she did tell me about within that month, but said be patient. So when she said she needed a limbo from the relationship, I didn't get it but we got that. We still talked all the time. She would go to lunch with me at work. But as time went on she stopped doing that and stopped seeing me outside work saying she was looking towards her goal. Since her family issues were not light, what she told me. Well 3 months later, her goal now is achieved, so I thought, ok we can start something. She stopped asking how my day is, anything on a caring nature but at work she has to talk to me even for 2 seconds or stand right next to me. She will even touch my arm, give me a kiss and hug at work in front of everyone. I told her we need to talk and surprisingly she set up something. When we met up she said she has feelings for me but she has to push them aside to focus on her stuff right now. I told her I need to distance myself cause I don't know how to deal with middle ground. This push and pull is getting to me. She really didn't say nothing when I said it. It was kinda a stand still on both ends but we hung around a few more hours together that day. When I was leaving we hugged then she grabbed me and wanted to make out! In a week of distance she came up to me at work everyday and I did talk to her. Second week she was a little touchy feely one day. And then the next day I was concerned for her and said be safe, not sure if I should have but I did, that day tho she text me all through work like old times. Sorry but I don't know if I'm getting used for attention, a game or if I should believe her. The thing that gets me is if you have feelings for someone you can't even say something careing. I know I would.


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  • You should

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    • Just leave her

    • Ok thanks man... I just gotta figure out with work...

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  • Do you seriously think anyone will read all that?