Why does guy friend still want to spend one-on-one time when he supposedly has a long-distance gf?

My best guy friend of 9 years is also the guy I have a huge crush on. We've been living in the same city for about a year-and-a-half now after 7 years apart (met as college freshmen before I transferred schools). 99% of the time we hang out just the 2 of us. We do dinner+movies, go to the gym, do yoga, explore the city, etc. Over the years there were some hints of feelings - we've made out 3 times, but all before I moved here (most recently was when I was visiting 2 years ago, and he kissed me at a bar. We came home and ended up in bed but he stopped us before we went all the way, which I appreciated).

Recently he met a girl while on a business trip to Asia (an American on a gap year). Within the month she traveled across the world to go on vacation with his family, then a few weeks later flew to Europe to meet up with him. But the thing is - he never brought her up. I only know all this because I saw a few posts his sister put up of the vacation, then of course did a bit of internet lurking and saw the gf's fb. Yet guy just invited me out to drinks last Friday, we had dinner last night, etc.

What do guys get from relationships like this, where he would want to spend time alone, but I'm not his girlfriend or one of the guys? Also, why no mention to me of this girl he is supposedly seeing?


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  • That cheating dog! D:


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  • He might feel that you will not like the girl if he tells you about her... and that it might ruin your friendship.


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