Why would guys do not want to date fat girls while there some that are pretty?

My body size is thin, but I am average-looking, but make does make me look at least mildly beautiful since I get compliments from my peers and some family members. I hate it when people expect me to be in sexual relationship just because I have the body of a model. I think that maybe there are some group of guys who do not care how fat a girl is as long as she looks pretty. True love is not based on the physical appearance. I am at least not to ugly, but I would hate for a guy to ask me out or flirt with me because of my thin body. I know only attractive young women can only be flirted, street harassed or even groped sexually. I do hear nice comments about my body.


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  • It's not just about a pretty face, it's overall attraction.
    The face is less than 10% of the whole body and for a fat girl even less

    • Then why do guys only check out, flirt, make catcalls, or even ask out a girl because she is pretty. You might grew up in a special world where people do not like fat people. I have seen pretty girls who are actually more overweight than me who attract all of the male attention. I am not looking for male attention because I am learning the hard way. Everyone is beautiful.

    • Sometimes men just want to go for the easy option.
      Fat girls put out a lot easier.
      All it takes with a fat girl is to pretend you love her and she is at your beck and call. With actual attractive girls, every guy wants them so its a lot harder to con them into being a reguar free fuck hole

    • Crude I know but I only tell the truth

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  • to most guys, body is more important than face. so while a fat girl may have a pretty face, if her body isn't right then thats a big downfall

    if they want a boyfriend then they just need to lose weight. a pretty fat girl could kill the game if she would just work out


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  • When ur fat it changes ur body and your face. so that why guys don't like it.

    You look like a whale or something that can't be dominated which men like.

    There Alps level to being fat. which is avage thick chubby fat

  • It's all down to preference.

    • Wouldn't you guys prefer only hot girls even if they are too thin or overweight.

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    • Guys only care if the girl has a pretty face.

    • That empirically factually incorrect. Maybe in Japan.

  • Beauty is in the lap of the beholder. Breaking said lap with your weight definitely doesn't help the cause though. Hence non-fats > fats.

    • Beauty is not in the beholder. There are two types of people that almost everyone would agree to the same beauty. Pretty and the less attractive. There are pretty fat girls as there are ugly fat girls. Everyone is beautiful, but nowadays guys do not care about the body of a girl as long she has a pretty face.

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    • You are totally wrong and you called God a liar,! You are simply calling God a liar and you wasted you are time answering my questions. God made everything BEAUTIFUL even those with deformities. I have actually had a male classmate who was schizophrenic and he was very attractive. If you are in doctrine based on prosperity, you are being deceived into false doctrine trying to make the whole world think that some people are pretty while others aren't

    • And of those who are mentally ill AND physically deformed? The two are often found together.

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  • Probably its your personality thats not as strong or not to him at least. Maybe stop complaining about it and find a way to fix the relationship issues or move in a positive direction.