I cut him off but now I miss him?

He is a junior, I am a sophomore. Ok it all started when I noticed him when he liked the same picture on my social media 3 times. He followed me on Instagram, then phooto, the next day on SnapChat. One night, I broke the ice. I snapchatted him "why don't you save yourself from boredom and hit someone else up" and we started talking. He gave me his number and we have been talking for 2 weeks.

We started facetiming after texting. We talked about our past and relationships. But, late one night while we were facetiming, he asked for my nudes. I refused but we still talked. We talked at school and texted like normal. He asked me again like 3 days later and I got turned off by this. There are about 2 girls who he asked for nudes and actually got it from them. He told me he was "antisocial" and all but he still does this to girls and I hate that he asks for them.

Today, I texted him today I felt uncomfortable about him asking for my nudes. He said he thought I didn't mind since he usually asked other girls but he called me innocent. I told him that I was actually down to be with him as more than friends and he was shocked because he thought I only wanted to be good friends with him and didn't want to get serious. I told him that I didn't want to get closer to him further because he asked for me nudes repeatedly. He's sorry he didn't know I would mind and that it affected me this much. Now that we stopped talking, I don't know who to talk to and I really miss talking to him...


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  • He's not listening to you or texting you because he likes YOU, the minute he asked for nudes should have been a clear indicator of what he wants and that's one thing only, dump him and find a nice guy that respects you.

  • He sounds like a asshole honestly... Best advice stay away from people like him because they are narcissistic and only worry about their nude count. Recommendation don't date in high school because high schoolers are ignorant. Everyone ends up dating everyone and high school relationships are rather pointless.


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  • Any dude who asks you for that is a jackass. You're in high school for gods sake. I had to bust my own son (who's a jr this year) for this. Keep your dignity intact and don't ever send that crap. It's illegal anyway if you're under 18.

    • Thanks, I definitely won't.

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    • The minute you said he asked for nudes, you shouldve just cut full contact with him how rude. That is not the sort of guy you want to miss.

    • @Collegedude54