He canceled on our first date. Should I take this a bad sign?

I go to this one bar a fair amount. And I see this one guy in there a lot. I finally got his number (from a friend) and we started texting back and forth. We made plans to go out this past weekend. On the day we were supposed to meet up I didn’t hear from him so I gave him a text asking if “we were still on for tonight?” A moment after texting him, he calls me and tells me we can still hang out but he would only be available for an hour because him and his friends decided to go on a trip at the last second. I told him that it was fine; we could just put a rain check on later. He apologized and he told me he felt like a d*** about it but that he wanted to hang out when he got home (later in the week.)

Its not that I’m mad he canceled. In fact I completely understand why he canceled and I would have probably done the same.

It’s that he didn’t even consider telling me before I texted him a few hours before we were supposed to hang. I don’t know whether he was planning on hanging out with me an hour or was afraid to tell me.

Should I take this a bad sign?

Should I take this as a bad sign? ************** =P


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  • The fact that he cancelled in and of itself is not a bad sign. There have been a few times when I had to cancel because something important came up such as my sister needed someone to watch her kids for a few hours, or I was sick, or something else equally emergency-ish came up.

    The fact that he cancelled on you to hang out with his pals on a spur of the moment is what's a bad sign. He had prior plans with you that he should have honored. What he cancelled for was not an emergency, so he should have honored and respected that his plans with you were made first.

    This means he is either not that into you or has poor prioritization/reliability characteristics. In either case, move on. He's not worth your time.


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  • No not all. He made plans with you to hang out so he obviously sees something in you worth while to spend time with you. When guys get excited something like chilling out having a guys night out or going on a trip with there bros, we tend to forget about all of other plans. So no, do not worry at all since he originally was going to spend time with you.

  • i should take as a bad sign


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  • Yes, this is a bad sign. It's a sign that this guy is not that interested. Maybe he's not in a place to want a girlfriend, maybe he's not that in to you, but whatever it is this is not the thing a guy would do if he was looking forward to your date. The fact that you got his number and that he was not the one to ask you for yours doesn't help matters. I mean, really, if he was interested he would have just as much of an ability to get your number, right? Next time, talk to a guy, show interest in a guy, but leave it up to him to pursue you. Makes it so much easier to see what level of interest the guy has.

  • Or maybe he forgot about you until you texted...?

    idk, for me, I wouldn't see him again simply because he's inconsiderate of others. granted, you guys aren't friends or anything, but still. you made plans, he didn't take that into consideration before making plans with his friends. It's like he didn't care