Is this girl jealous?

I have a crush on this girl at College and I was at her table with her friends when another friend (girl) came up to me and sat next to me to talk to me. 2 minutes into the conversation the table was quiet, they could hear our conversation and then as my crush was checking her phone she burst out laughing like loudly. I looked at her for 5 seconds. Sign of jealousy or is it nothing?(I really like my crush, I don't want her to lose interest)


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  • I guess it was awkward for her and she had to look at the phone to hide the tension. Not sure if its jealousy yet. If she starts eyeballing the girl in a 'bad eye" kinda way then yes she is jealous.

  • No sign of jealousy. Don't worry she didn't think you flirted with this girl.


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