Seemed lovey dovey, then went cold?

Seemed lovey dovey, then went cold?

I have liked this girl a lot since the day I met her, but she liked another guy. So, even though I couldn't be her her romantic interest, I loved being her friend, and getting to know her more and more. Now, she's been sick, and I have been trying to check on her, texting her, making sure she's alright, etc. She seems to appreciate it, keeps me updated, and now has started sending me hearts (she NEVER used to do that). I said I didn't feel like going to school (blow off day), and she asked if I would take the day off so me and her could talk to each other. I did, don't know why. She was bed ridden, and we talked, texted, skype'd all day. We text, talk a lot, sent me occasional hearts, and I repaid the hearts she sent. However, I wished her luck on something, not knowing she actually meant it was next week not today. We joked about it, then I wished her luck on something else with a heart. No response, ask her other things and get one/two word replies. Ask her how it went, no response. Then I make a joke and she just says "bye". What happened?


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  • how long have you known her?

    • Like, 9-10 months, why?

    • sometimes after knowing someone for a while the good feelings and butterflies start to fade... its not necesarily a bad thing its natural. id say give her space. a couple of weeks probably. then hit her up with a hey, hows it going or something of the sort. dont be pushy she could get annoyed and that could ruin your relationship as a whole. good luck my friend :)


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