Girls, do I sound like a guy that is dateable?

Since I have never been in a relationship, I was wondering if I was the main cause. I'm a very introverted person with severe depressive disorder and social anxiety. I am a full time college student in his sophomore year. I don't work because i take 6 courses per semester. I am very intelligent (according to my professors, but I really feel like a moron most of the time.). I am very caring. I have numerous hobbies from photography, fiction writing, poetry writing, and various other hobbies that are mainly associated with crafts. I am a very serious person, most of the time. I'm average when it comes to looks, height and weight. And I don't really know what else to say to give you an idea of the person that i am. So am I dateable at all, or just the friend no one really worries about since he is the third wheel?


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  • well if i was your age i'd date you... you are deff. datable... you're a very artistic person and have very good management skills, i love that u like arts... n girls like a caring guy... u just have to find the right girl