Advice on my ex boyfriend?

We were together for almost two years. He told me I was the love of his life. After his father died he started to change and spent his time drinking and partying with his friends and I got left behind.. We got into a horrible argument and broke up last year we got back together about a month later but after 2 months he got distant , he told me loved me and wanted things to work but he wasn't happy anymore and he didn't know why. Since the 8 months weve been broke up we didn't have that much contact just a few text conversations, I drunk told him I missed him and he told me he missed me too and always thinks about our good times but doesn't think he could go back. I told him that i respected his decision and we talked for a few days and then he stopped responding so after two attempts of starting contact I eventually gave up. That was a few months back and the other day I text him asking how he was and that I found something that reminded me of him, he replied saying he was grand and he talked about his mam and said he laughed when he read that message. I got scared and didn't respond to it. A few days later my friend said she saw him out drunk and he asked how I was doing. She gave out to him and asked why he wants to know that he obv doesn't care about me. (Not cool on her behalf) so i text him apologising for her and he said he didn't remember talking to her and that it was OK and not to worry about it. We texted back and forth for a few messages (with hours long in between - I work 12 hour shifts and I'm not sure why he spent so long replying) but when I replied last night he didn't respond anymore. I really miss us and was wondering if I have a chance to slowly reconcile or is he not interested anymore? I still love him after all this time I just don't want to scare him away that's why I'm trying to be friends first but I don't know how :(


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  • your friend was standing up for you telling him how it is, HE doesn't CARE ABOUT YOU... and yet, you go and apologize on behalf her?

    your sooo blinded lol,

    please, move on with your life, this man has no interest in you.

    • Because she shouldn't fight my battles for me. Me and my ex are civil there's no hate there so I don't want her to be going around saying that to him whilst drunk. She's not even one of nt close friends so she has no idea on the details of our relationship. Its called being the bigger person I would hate to think he though I was saying bad stuff about him

    • so why you guys broke up? seriously, why are you trying to get back with someone who "broke things off" with you?

      makes no sense to me,

      I really hope you understand that when a man ACTS like you describe here, he is just not interested. hopefully you will move on.

    • I don't know buy he was just distant for about a week and I asked him was there something wrong with us or me and he said no but I told him I couldn't go through this again (the first time we broke up he got weird and broke up with me byt then said he was so stupid and apolagised and couldnt belueve he broke up with ne but he's head was all over yhr place since his dad died and he didn't know why he did it) so he let me walk out the last time.

  • move on.. walk away...


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  • Girl, I think you should move on. You obviously still have feelings for him, but it would be best if you leave things as they are.