Girls: You can stay or kick him to the curb?

If a guy admits to have seen prostitutes in the past.

What would you do?

  • Get lost! I never want to see you again!
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  • Well... as long as you are over it completely, I'm okay with it
    33% (3)50% (2)38% (5)Vote
  • Depends how many times
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  • What we have is stronger than something that happened in the past
    11% (1)25% (1)16% (2)Vote
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  • It's amazing that girls are saying a man thats been with a prostitue can get lost but in other questions a girl who cheats or who told her boyfriend she's slept with over 50 guys deserves a second chance and the guy is being judgmental.

    • To be fare though... does paying for sex change things?

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  • He's welcome to get the fuck out.

    Not the values I want in a husband.

  • He's probably a walking std. I'll show him where the door is.


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