Does this sound like he may know whats going on?

I had worked with a girl who i liked a lott and it seemed that she liked me also coworkers always asked if we were dating but the thing with her was she wasn't easy and thats what i liked about her well we parted ways a few months ago. on the last day knew i would see her i asked for her number then was sent out on a call she told me not to forget about her number but when i got back but she had already left when i retuned. i had tried to go see her once but it dint work out she had just left work i was told. a good friend of mine told me he is dating her sister and that the girls where asking if i liked her and he told her yes because he knows me. Then the other day he told me that his girl friend is trying to get me with her sister but not to tell me. past couple of days haven't been the best for me with personal things and he sees me mad and says well ik its not that girl that makes you mad so its something else or when i said I'm not good enough for her he says ik she dint tell you that not what she said (knowing i didn't talk to her) so when i ask him what he means he just changes the subject. I'm really confused


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  • Boost your confidence. Never assume you're not good enough for someone unless you know them. We seem to forget that we may be too good for them...

    • I told him I wasn't good enough to see what he would say

    • Never say that hun! Never! If you want to know if the guy likes you, it will be obvious... you don't need to play games.

    • He's a friend of mine I'm trying to see if gis girlfriend sister likes me

  • It's quite possible that he knows something. However, we can only assume.


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