Did she use me, what should I do?

Girl I liked started getting super flirty with me and being super nice. Messaging me, saying good luck, good morning yada yada. I felt really special and really good. Then, she wanted me to help her with something and as soon as I finished helping her, that whole thing of her wishing me luck, saying good morning, sending hearts, and responding faded. She acts sort of cold, stops responding, etc. We have a snapsteak, which is quite high and I love snapping and keeping it up with her, but she only really responds when its about to end, and I have to initiate it first. Should I just stop contacting her and let the streak die (even though the snap streak as stupid as it is, means something to me)? Did she use me?


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  • yeah she used you. whatever she wanted from you, after she got it she doesn't need you anymore. fuck her, karma will get her and she will get used for sex by a guy she likes


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  • I feel as if you should ignore her and she what she does. If she attempts to reach out to you, then you have your answer. If things stay the same; then you know she used you and it is a lesson learned.


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  • Yup. Fuck her is always an option