Should I just give up and move on from my crush?

I really like this girl that I've known for 2 years now from work. It started by getting her Facebook and just sending her jokes and stuff. After a few weeks, I gave her my number and asked her out for lunch. She said yes and we had a really great date. I was even able to set up a second date at the end of the first.

Unfortunately, on the day of the second date, the weather forced us to cancel but she offered to reschedule. I tried that next week and she was unable to because of work. I then told her to let me know when she was free so we could see each other and she said she would for sure. This was a month ago and never got a response. I'm confused because I don't know if she's waiting for me to make a move again, or not getting a text from her is a way of trying not to make another date.

Another thing is that she is really shy. I do all of the initial texting and planning, which I don't mind doing but I wish she could at least meet me at a middle ground to let me know she's still interested. I've even told her that I thought she was beautiful. Should I try asking her out again or should I move on? I like her but I think I'm getting mixed signals.

P. S.-I know about the saying about dating a coworker. The thing is she works weekdays and I work weekend overnights so we rarely see each other. Also, I'll be starting med school in another city that is an hour away. So I at least want to give it a shot or have closure. What are y'all thoughts?


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  • You did a good thing to ask her to get in touch when she was free. That meant that rah ball was in her court and it was up to her to get in contact if she's interested.

    However, my take on this is that she's not that interested in you.

    I would move on from her and if she does contact you simply assume she wants to meet and make a definite date.

    There's no point getting in contact with her if she doesn't.


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  • I think you should give up on her.


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  • Fire her a text saying hey. If she replies then ask to meet her for lunch and take it from there.