Help!!! The guy I'm seeing works 7 days a week and I want to get to the points were we can be in a relationship with each other?

I don't know what to do.
Laying all my feelings towards him out on the table is out of the question because it's too risky.
I mean last time I saw him I left him a note when I left with hearts on it.


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  • Be risky, let him know you want him. I doubt he'll continue working 7 days a week forever. That'd be so exhausting.

    • We'll his company is pretty demanding and I think he knows I want him but I want to be in a relationship with him so I don't know what to do?


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  • If you two both want to work on it, being busy should not be a matter in a relationship. Even Bill Gate got a wife so even busy people can have love life. If he really really wants you, he will work around it and arrange his schedule.. don't be too anxious, too soon to feel anxiety yet. Good luck :)

    • Well it's been awhile. I just want to be in a relationship with him already

    • Did you tell him that and did he response? You just seem to be overly anxiety.

    • No but I did awhile ago and he said not now but we came along way since then

  • "Laying all my feelings towards him out on the table is out of the question because it's too risky."

    You have to take big risks to get big rewards.

    • Yeah we'll it can also backfire. I mean like I said I gave him that note. So isn't there another way

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    • You need to tell him that you would like a relationship with him and that you are aware it's going to a bit of a struggle given his crazy work schedule but you still are interested and serious if he wants to have a go of it. You're not going to get anywhere by just waiting around hoping that he's going to know what you want or understand your hints. Be mature and communicate your feelings.

    • I would think he would know that because I already told him that awhile ago and he said he didn't want to now but that was awhile ago and we have come a long way since then but still he should know I would think

  • He probably gonna break up with you.

    • What makes you say that

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    • well he probably a busy man and you either have to accept that or move on!

    • I accept it obviously but I feel like can't it be a never ending cycle because like I said were not even in a relationship yet