Feeling lonely 😦 any advice?

I just feel depressed, i have friends at the college they are good with me but they never invited me to hang out with them I don't know i just feel sad , im really nice guy, im funny, when i meet someone for the first time i may be shy but then it will be ok, anyway i have no girlfriend i tried so hard but it doesn't work im good looking , but I don't know how to deal with girls i just feel nervous when i talk to them , it really makes me feel sad when i see my friends with their Gfs hanging out , having fun, posting picture.


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  • This is really common for introverts away from home for the first time. Best advice join some social clubs, sports, art, politics whatever just go there and try to force interaction that way you can expand your social circle. I've been there, good luck.

  • Ask your friends if they want to hang out.