I'm about to enter a relationship with a guy who is already a dad. I've heard a lot of zealous things about it from others. So I'm looking for advice?

I am 26. A workaholic. Working all the time to be honest.
He is 25. Part time Chef. Fulltime dad. With physical custody of his two year old daughter.
She is adorable and amazing.
He lights up my world and makes me unbelievably happy.

But other people have told me off for getting into a relationship with a father of such a young girl. And in addition he is a close mate of my brothers who I've known for 6 years.


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  • I think it's totally fine to be in a relationship with a man with a child, if not you, someone else will. I think the only thing I would warn against is that for you to do this, you have to be really serious about this relationship. It's not good for a child that young to have a rotating door of mother figures in her life as she grows up, so this guy I'm sure is looking for a serious long term partner. If you are planning to stick it out for the long run then I'm all for it, but if you're not sure you can stay in his and her life, then maybe not a great idea.


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  • Abort mission !!!

    -Even if you manage to embrace and accept the situation, if things simply don't work out, then you have to sever an attachment with this "adorable, amazing" little one that you have absolutely zero rights to.

    - If she's being a little sh*t (which we all were at some point), you have no legitimate authority to discipline her.

    - He is tied to his mother's daughter for the rest of his life which means she essentially becomes apart of your life to. Her mood effects his mood which effects your mood. Her finances effect his finances which effects the realistic possibility of what you two can do together. This can elevate your stress level quickly on a weekly basis if she's one of those dramatic, manipulative women who's not over her ex and despises the air you breathe.

    Unless this is some truly special, once in a life time guy whom you have phenomenal chemistry with and erotica fantasy like intensity then do yourself a favor and walk away now.

  • Well everone different. Be a women and do what you got do!

  • Hey, maybe this will help you learn to free up your time. Dating a man with a daughter is not a bad thing. I see opportunities for personal growth.