Why do some people act like it's a crime when a person would rather get their life together first before dating?

I'm unemployed and I have been in and out of therapy. But I feel like some people just assume that people who don't want relationships are afraid of love when that is not true

Yes I get pursued by men but that does not mean I'm supposed to latch onto any man that gives me attention

And I don't lead men on


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  • Good on you! There are some guys that are codependent as all hell.

    I hope everything works out for you!

    • It's annoying when people think one is running away from love as if I suddenly become Invisible just because I'm focused on myself

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    • This should not be a measuring contest, haha!

    • I don't get horny he way most people do. I think if I have to I can go without sex. Even if I get into a relationship I probably won't feel like having sex

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  • Good for you! Lol having your shit together makes you even more of a catch so I see no issue with that whatsoever.


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  • yeah.. get yourself together before dating

    • And even when I get in a relationship I feel like I should wait to have sex for 6 months to make sure he is not using me

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    • The only problem is, if the guy doesn't have sex in a time frame he expects, then he will dump you, or cheat.

    • Well I want to wait that way I know he's not using me

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