Guys, would you have sex with a 7' woman?

say you are at a bar, club, or wherever and this 7' woman just approaches you and gets pretty social with you and the two of you just build a connection. would you do it with her? will her height turn you off or discourage?

if it was me I think I would go for it. I dont find tall women attractive but if a woman wants me inside of her and she is "fuckable" I wouldn't mind. I wouldn't be discourage by her height as I am the one who's gonna do the fucking either way. but oh well these are my views, what are your's?

  • sure why not?
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  • hell no!
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  • I'm a girl dying to see the results!
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oh I also forgot to add that just because she's tall physically doesn't mean she is long somewhere else of course


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  • Why not?

    Tall women need love, too


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  • I don't know maybe.. Imagine puttin my pee pee in her, my stupid face would facing her belly button.


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