How did you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend?

I met my ex boyfriend in college. It seems like studying or working together on something creates the strongest of bonds.

I'm kind of losing hope of meeting someone again, because I'm finishing up education and in jobs people tend to be older than you and you really don't have as much in common anymore. When you're studying, you're doing something you love hopefully and everyone you meet has similar interests...

I'm just curious to hear how you met your SO and how strong your bond was/how long you were together.


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  • I met my current boyfriend on a night out. I was eavesdropping on him and his friends conversation in town one night, I gave them my opinion on the topic they were talking about and I remember just feeling really attracted to him at that moment. We've only been together 2 months so far but it's been going great :)

  • He was my neighbour at the time